Friday, December 4, 2009

GST - Part 2

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oleh YB Kuala Selangor :

YB Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad

I was asked what my thoughts are, of the coming GST of the govt. These are my immediate response:

1] GST is by nature regressive, ie it is across the board and of course will hurt more those in the lower-income group.

2] Depending on what items would be imposed of the new tax of goods and services, the GST would be perceived as very unfair, if it involves all basic necessities of food items and essential services. A selective imposition of a more luxurious items, of tertiary need may be fairer to our poorer section of our rakyat.

3] The lowly paid income groups both rural and urban, are now penalised by the GST and they are paying the same amount with the richer section of society.

4] 4% of GST is exorbitant and the anticipitated revenue of RM 1 billion is a very conservative estimate. The current Sales and Services Tax earned the govt more than RM11 billions. The GST will certainly be more than that. Otherwise there’s no rationale of converting to the GST.

5] The govt must be reminded that stopping leakages in delivery system and stamping corruption/abuse will earn the govt an estimate of RM 28 billions a year as testified by the Auditor’s Report. Avoiding flip-flop esp in mega-projects will save the tax-payers money to the tune of tens of billions RM

6] GST perhaps may be more appropriate when we are able to increase income of the lower iincome groups and move our economy to a higher income economy.

7] Inflationary pressure will surely hurt the poorer section of our rakyat though arguably may not be for long - END.

oleh ali :

Biasalah YB melayu nak nampak standard dan gah sedikit dia kena cakap bahasa omputih. Apa boleh buat sebab nak memposisikan diri di tengah khalayak. Nanti publik cakap cikai sangat YB Pakatan ni. Ha Ha Ha. Apa-apa pun isu cukai GST amat penting bagi kita yang miskin dan kebulur. Jika dilaksanakan tamparan dia lebih hebat dari harga minyak petrol naik.

Dari kajian den, hanya usahawan dan para kapitalis sahaja yang untung bila polisi GST dilaksanakan, sebab di sana ada ruang pelepasan bagi mereka. Jika silap tolong betulkan den. Tapi rakyat seperti den dan orang kampung akan merana bila polisi ini dilaksanakan. Rakyat marhaen pasti merasa beban. Sudahlah beban kenaikan petrol dan inflasi belum berakhir. MANGKUK betul sapa yang bagi idea ni kepada Najib.

Jadi den dengan rendah diri menyeru kepada sekalian blogger untuk up isu ini demi rakyat. Seruan den ini menyeluruh tidak kira samada anda blogger UMNO atau Pakatan Rakyat kerana yang kena adalah rakyat . Seperti yang kita sedia maklum rakyat yang akan merasa beban itu tidak mengenal samada anda berparti atau tidak. Kredit kepada blogger xenan kerana alert dan mengesan isu ini dari awal.

Dan kepada rakan-rakan blogger yang cerdik, mari kongsikan idea saudara bagaimana kita boleh gantikan polisi GST dengan polisi yang lebih bersifat rakyat atau idea lain. Idea anda akan kami sampaikan kepada YB-YB berkenaan. Insya allah.

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